Posted: 2017-11-04

New album titled "Pleroma" is finished!

I just finished recording my new album titled "Pleroma". It's my longest and most daring work yet and I really challenged myself while recording this album. All instruments are played by me and I did all the composition/arrangement myself. Some of the instruments used on the album are tenor and soprano saxophone, drums, percussion, synthesizers, various pianos, sampler/sequencer/electric guitar, vocals and so on. I have two features on the album on two different tracks. One is a drum-feature by my dear friend John Kvarnström aka "John Millstream" and the other is a sampled based feature contributed by Huey Stone who I came in contact with on Soundcloud. The artwork of the album is done by myself and my sister Madeleine Israelsson whom I wish to thank as often as I can. Thank you. Artwork and tracklist will be displayed in the future. The entire album consists of 15 tracks spread out over 54 minutes and will be released on Urban Waves Records sometime in 2018. I really can't wait. I'll have more information as we move along. Love!

Posted: 2017-11-01

Dharma featured on Dublab

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Pure love right here